Many dog ​​owners may have heard of it before, but is it really true? Why Do dogs wink? And why do the four-legged friends even do that?

For many people, dogs are a great substitute for human closeness, even if they never admit it. At first, that’s not a problem, because of course we all only want the best for our four-legged friend and we lovingly take care of their well-being! There are some things that you should definitely leave behind, because there are certain things that a dog cannot suffer at all . Some dog owners may even go so far as to wonder whether they should give the dog raw meat to eat or not . But apart from the food  , have you ever noticed your dog winking? Wink at a dog? No kidding, there are even reasons a dog would do this:

Are you just imagining it Why do dogs wink ?

Some dog owners humanize the dog to the utmost. The dog is not only dressed in clothes, but a seat at the table is cleared for the four-legged friend. During a meal together, the day together is discussed and the four-legged friend looks at you maudulently and barks in agreement? Well not exactly, but some dogs actually do that with the wink. So you’re not just imagining it! 

These could be the reasons for this:

 1 You have something in mind 

If you look at your four-legged friend and see that he has reddened eyes and maybe even sheds a few dog tears, the blinking could be because he has something in mind. It may even be an eye infection or conjunctivitis, which can also occur in dogs! If the wink persists for a few days, it is better to see your vet. However, if the phenomenon subsides after a day, there is nothing to worry about. 

2 Loving facial expressions

Small dogs are often said to bark more often or to be more aggressive. Or that could be because some people make the mistake of looking the dogs straight in their eyes. Dogs don’t like that at all, at least most of them do. Dogs only look for direct eye contact when they are about to attack, then they really fixate their “opponent” – not a good sign.

On the other hand, dogs make a friendly encounter clear by winking. No joke, some dogs actually do this to show the other “I come with peaceful intent”. Especially since winking is a sign of affection for many dogs. 

This is what Martha Knowles, an expert in dog body language, says about winking in dogs and their cause:

Canine Body Language Expert, Martha Knowles

To be on the safe side, if you are concerned because you simply cannot find an explanation for your dog’s wink, we have another blog entry for you (the blog is called “Silent Conversations” ) by canine body language expert Martha Knowles:

“Basically, winking can be seen as a reassuring signal and, as part of a different body language, can also serve as a negotiation strategy with the other person.”

Martha Knowles is a blogger who deals with dog communication and body language and wants to pass on her experiences to her readers. It is essential to pay attention to the dog’s body language and signals and to deal with the meaning of them. 

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