20 reasons to have a dog in our life

7. Help put things in perspective

Male dogs have a habit of biet and engage in this activity when they feel like, at any time of the day, no matter where they are and whatever is going on around them. A hilarious cartoon by the Englishman Rupert Fawcett beautifully describes the situation:

Three dogs dressed as The Three Kings are bringing gifts to Jesus Child, walking in an Indian row with the first two impetuous and proud, the third is on the ground that you make the bidet. The second turns around, looks at him and exclaims, “Oh Colin, holy peace, but couldn’t you wait?” .

 Similarly, when a dog is asleep, it rolls up on itself, or stretches on its stomach, perhaps with its tongue hanging out, and buzzing, no matter where it is and whatever is going on around it. As absurd as it sounds, their being oblivious and indifferent to the chaos of everyday life is somehow transmitted to humans and helps them to live more serenely.