20 reasons to have a dog in our life

Why Everyone Needs a Dog : 20 Reasons

Dogs are really man’sย best friends:ย kind, funny, and caring; they take care of us as often humans can’t do. Don’t you believe it? Try to see the video of Himalaya,ย the dog that moved the web.

Theย reasons for having a dog in our lives are many: we have identified 20 of them, among the most curious and interesting. Of course, there are many more

1. They are so innocent

A sauce, a small piece of wood, a pine pie, a ball, and even the most serious adult dog, loses its dignity and starts playing. A dog that loves you sees you from afar and launches itself into a broken race that ends in a festive and drooling embrace that melts the heart for its spontaneity and purity. Not to mention when they lie in front of your belly up, with their paws in front a little bent and those under open, in a gesture of total trust and request of caresses and love. Dogs don’t judge; they don’t calculate, they don’t evaluate, they love you, they show you no matter who you are, what you do, what you’ve done in life.