9 tips to teach your dog cleanliness

Here is a list of 9 tips to teach your dog cleanliness
Tips 1:

All dogs have very limited control of their bladder. If you have a puppy under 3 months then he will need to urinate about every 30 minutes.

Tip 2:
Even adult dogs can learn purity. If you encounter problems with an adult dog, then you should start applying the same basic techniques as those dedicated to small puppies.

tips to teach your dog 
tips to teach your dog
tips to teach your dog

Tip 3:
Dogs like to sleep in a clean place. Remember that a puppy will never go to sleep Dirty. It is for this reason that you need to place the cone from the beginning in a cage.

Tip 4:
The routine will help your dog learn faster. By feeding the dog on a set schedule, you will help him to meet his needs on a regular schedule.

Tip 5:
Punishing your dog after an accident serves absolutely nothing. Dogs will not understand why you are reprimanding them, even if the incident happened 2 minutes before.

Tip 6:
The secret of a successful lesson lies in time. Your task is to take the dog for a walk in the right place and time.

Tip 7:
Feed and walk the dog at certain times. Disciplined women otherwise the training will be chaotic.

Tip 8:
Always stay calm after an accident (defecation). Do not swear, because you will get the opposite of the result you want. Be persistent and calm.

tips to teach your dog
tips to teach your dog

Tip 9:
Be aware of certain circumstances. Moving from home, a change of diet, the arrival of a new member in the family … all of these can make a difficult process.