Obesity in dogs

Currently, more and more people are aware of their diet, physical activity and how this affects their health. This thought is fundamental to transfer also to the lives of our furry ones, since a sedentary life and bad eating habits also affect them. In fact, obesity is an increasingly common problem. Due to this, this disease has …

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Do dogs detect the coronavirus?

The smell of dogs is their star sense. Much more developed than that of human beings, it allows them to follow trails, locate lost people or detect the presence of different drugs. In addition, they are even capable of identifying different diseases that affect humans. Given the current pandemic, could dogs help us diagnose COVID-19? In this ScoobyDog article, we …

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Are dogs jealous?

Affectionate, helpful and loyal like few others, this is how our companions, dogs, have been rightly defined as man’s best friends since we find in them one of the best companies, forming a very deep emotional bond that we can rarely define. with words. Surely you have been able to observe in your dog behaviors …

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