What vegetables can dogs eat?

Are you one of those who thinks that any food is good for dogs? Well, you are very wrong. There is a wide variety of foods, but especially vegetables, that can be consumed by man’s best friend . However, there are some that should be avoided at all costs, so in this post we tell you which vegetables dogs … Read more

What fruits can dogs eat?

Did you know What fruits can dogs eat? And it’s not just that they can, they should eat them! They provide you with a multitude of nutrients and vitamins that are beneficial to your health, so … why not include them in your diet? Read on to find out which fruits dogs can eat and which ones they like the … Read more

PROBIOTICS FOR DOGS What are they and what diseases do they cure

Every day they are more fashionable. For some time now, everyone talks about them, and even dog food brands begin to add them in their formulas. But do you know what probiotics are for dogs and  what are they for? We are going to know its function, and what beneficial effects it has on the health of our dogs. Table … Read more

Hair shedding in dogs, when and how long does it last?

All the people who can, fortunately, enjoy the company of one or several dogs, know what the shedding of hair means in certain seasons and in certain breeds. It is not that it is really a big problem, but it is advisable to follow certain tips to make the change more bearable and avoid that … Read more

Intelligence test for dogs

We all know that dogs are highly intelligent animals, capable of astonishing us with their actions, skill, and logic. It is not an intelligence comparable to that of humans, although sometimes they exceed it, it must be said, that is why we have created this simple intelligence test for dogs. Remember that there are breeds of dogs that … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Fish?

The diet of a dog is based mainly on proteins of animal origin, so if you ask yourself, can my dog ​​eat fish? the answer is yes, yes you can. However, you have to be careful as we indicate below. So Can dogs Eat Fish? Both cooked fish and raw fish are excellent sources of animal protein for … Read more

Homemade dog food recipes

Feeding our dog with homemade dog food recipes can be a good option if we want to select the quality of the products ourselves, ensure their origin or determine their cooking process, for example.  However, feeding a puppy dog ​​or an adult dog is not going to be an easy task and it is essential … Read more

What to feed a 2-month-old puppy?

Food is a fundamental aspect for the well-being of the dog, if possible even more when it comes to a growing dog. Natural weaning tends to occur around 2 months, which is why it is not convenient to separate the puppies from their mother earlier. In addition, a premature separation could hinder the puppy’s socialization process, since … Read more

Do dogs have memory?

How many times do we not see our dog and wonder what he is thinking? Does he remember the attitude you corrected the other day? Or what is all that may be happening inside that little head that, finally, does not vocalize its thoughts and emotions? The truth is that we are not very sure about whether … Read more

What do dogs feel when you leave them home alone?

Leaving the dog home alone is a sad moment for any owner. Sometimes, even if we only leave for a few hours, we are wondering how he will be, what he will be doing or if he will be missing us. Well, you should know that your dog also thinks of you during this time. After all, you are his … Read more