What to do When My cat Pees all over the Place .

What to do When My cat Pees all over the Place .Little cats are famous for their extreme cleanliness, yet some cats just don’t seem to want to understand this and continue to pee in inappropriate places: here’s what to do! My cat pees all over the place If you find yourself in the situation … Read more

How to remove dog and cat hair

How to remove dog and cat hair

How to remove dog and cat hair? You can find them on clothes, car seats, sofas and armchairs, TV and computer screens, floors and furniture. We are talking about hair, the worst nightmare of a pet owner. Especially in the period of changing the suit, so before summer and before winter, the loss becomes massive, and removing dog and … Read more

Why does my cat have a cough?

Why does my cat have a cough? Coughing is a protective instinct to clear the respiratory tract of corpuscles, mucus, and microbes. Therefore, it is not a disease but rather a symptom, and it is a symptom that often affects cats as well. There can be many causes that trigger it: a little tickle in … Read more

How to wean a kitten

How to wean a kitten? How adorable are newborn kittens? However, falling in love with them is not enough: you have to follow them in the best possible way in weaning! Let’s find out how and when to do it. The weaning of kittens The kittens very small are adorable and just look to fall in love. However, we must … Read more

Why do cats blow?

Why do cats blow?

Fear, anger, or mysterious reasonsand ,Why do cats blow? ? Let’s find out why cats blow and how to avoid it! Why do cats blow? The cats are adorable and very soft fur balls, but when blow can do really scared!Anyone who has a cat knows how expressive he can be: he can make you understand exactly what he wants … Read more

How to make cat and dog get along

Why choose between purring and wagging tails when you can enjoy both? Here are all the secrets for a happy coexistence between dog and cat! Dog and cat: coexistence (im) possible “You two are like cat and dog ” doesn’t mean anything good. The innate hostility between man’s best friend and the most cuddly feline on earth is even … Read more

What to keep in mind when getting a pet?

What to keep in mind when getting a pet?. If you are single and looking for companionship, or even if you are an employed parent who has finally decided to give in to children’s prayers for a puppy or kitten, then you are in the right article.   What you need to know is that … Read more

Dog or cat owners? The latest study shows who are the happiest and smartest people

Dog owners or cat owners, who are happier? β€˜That’s the issue’ in the animal lovers circle! Numerous studies have aimed to study this issue, it seems that the University of Chicago has given a definite answer: Dog owners seem to be “happier” than people who own cats. The General Social Survey (GSS), which was run … Read more