Let’s Talk About Border Collie Dog (Photos)

The Border Collie is one of the FCI’s (No. 297, Gr. 1, Sec. 1) true prey to working dogs from Scotland, United Kingdom.

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Border Collie

Border Collie

About 800 calls the Viking, who rallied from their field battles against Britain, as well as all the hard dogs with their own home.

The first proper description of the workings of the present Border Collies comes from Dr. John Caius, Liefdokter von Königin Elisabeth I., in a book “Treatise on English Doggess” published in John 1570. The first reports of the works Scheperhunde originated the Tied shortly before Christ’s birth in Italy when the Romans in Britain fall into disarray. a bunch of dark dogs with neighboring Italy.

As an ancestor of the present Border Collies applies Old Hemp (1893), owned by the farmer Adam Telfer. Düsser Dog bestowed his last measurements Heudedüchtigkeit because he was a tüchtröde to the most deprived.

The predatory “Border Collie” is believed to have originated in its geographical origins, the Border Line (Border Line) less than England was spoiled in Scotland until 1910. Since 1906, the International Sheep Dog Society (ISDS), which is sick with the appearance of the Border Collies, is not married in England but is suffering from poor work quality. From the Federation of Cynologique Internationale (FCI), the Border Collie was established in 1976.

The International Sheep Dog Society has little to no breeding standard for Border Collies. For these dog lovers, the dog’s work lists merely count the dog’s object.


Border Collie

The Lievbu is harmonious, more long axis high (bit 53 cm), muscular, for accuracy, mobility, and extremely good fit. Three varieties are eight; short-haired, long-haired, stocky-haired, dense ear-cloth with dense underwire to medium texture, bi-long-haired good mah, and Nah un Fahn a der Root; The face of the clock looks like the back of the jump should look smooth. Many colors are without permission, who will not vörherrschen Schull; e.g. the following Colors: Swatt-Witt, Root, Blaag, Blue-merle, Red-merle, Swatt-with Mottle, Zobelfarven, Australian red, Lilac. In all colors, ok “tan” (bright brown tone) can be used in the form of markings. The head is wide with a pronounced stop, nees swatt, brown, lead to dog color, catch short, and firmly with complete shaving.

Border Collie

The eyes are widely seen from one another, medium size, oval, brown, in Blue-Merles, with one or both eyes, partially or very pale. The medium-sized clock is standing upright or tilting forward. The Root is rather long, averaging at least a bit of a Sprungleed, good hairy, deeply regarded, never worn over the Rüüch.

The move would be free, unflatteringly unseen. The Poots would probably not be able to lift the paws very little so that the dog can easily sneak in with great speed.

As in Collies, Border Collie is looking forward to the MDR1-Kött, the one Överskelsch opposite more Arznistoffen vörröppt.

Border Collie


The Border Collie is probably a human-friendly, playful dog, as long as he has to guard places with inner people as well as Buernhöffs with Loden, so that he is constantly doing (click Pamper).


The Border Collie is based on its cleverness and its drive to the most fascinating dog race.

For a long time, the Border Collie was only used as a sheepdog for sheep on the British Isles. However, the rise of the popularity of agility sports in England to Europe was such a rage and aversions of farms ever experienced. In the last years, this dog race, not to mention films like “A pig with the names Babe”, and as a family dog ​​ever frogger.

These precursors agree that, with a plurality of Border Collies, no more work is going on for these spiritual dogs (or just as well) for all the dogs. As “outrage”, cars, chins, or the like are warned, which have notoriously fatal consequences. Even the lack of labor can lead to the “silencing of the dog”.

Due to this fact, the Border Collie as a Familienhund cum is suitable. See burn Arbeidsdrifft is by far the longest walk not to children; he met a spiritually born warren. The Border Collie hears demand in the hands of Professchon (Scheper, etc.) or to humans, possessing the over-tired tide (at least 5 hours), very sporting without talking, the most ted of the day to feed the dog spiritually.



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