Kennel Cough – 5 signs of kennel cough in dogs

The canine infectious tracheobronchitisor a dog with kennel cough , more commonly known as “kennel cough”, is a condition that affects the respiratory system and usually develops in places where a wide number of dogs, such as kennels or breeding. This fact was the one that gave rise to the popular name of the affection. Formerly, this disease … Read more

Reverse Sneezing in Dogs – Causes, Treatment and Care

The reverse sneezing in dogs is a disorder that can occur in our dogs, being very striking and disturbing because it seems that the dog is about to drown. There are many doubts among the tutors who observe it, mainly about how to act. Precisely for this reason, in this Scoobydog article we will explain what a reverse … Read more

Dog Skin Allergies

One of the most common medical complaints we see in our office is dogs with skin infections, “hot spots” or allergic dermatitis, also known as atopic dermatitis (atopy), so if you want to know how to cure Dog Skin Allergies , you should keep reading this post. Unlike people who react to allergens most commonly with nasal … Read more

What vegetables can dogs eat?

Are you one of those who thinks that any food is good for dogs? Well, you are very wrong. There is a wide variety of foods, but especially vegetables, that can be consumed by man’s best friend . However, there are some that should be avoided at all costs, so in this post we tell you which vegetables dogs … Read more

What fruits can dogs eat?

Did you know What fruits can dogs eat? And it’s not just that they can, they should eat them! They provide you with a multitude of nutrients and vitamins that are beneficial to your health, so … why not include them in your diet? Read on to find out which fruits dogs can eat and which ones they like the … Read more

PROBIOTICS FOR DOGS What are they and what diseases do they cure

Every day they are more fashionable. For some time now, everyone talks about them, and even dog food brands begin to add them in their formulas. But do you know what probiotics are for dogs and  what are they for? We are going to know its function, and what beneficial effects it has on the health of our dogs. Table … Read more