Why do dogs eat poop

You may have seen your dog eat poop once. Why do they do it? Why do dogs eat poop? Of each and every disgusting habit that our canine companions have, drinking from the toilet, rolling in the mud of the quagmire, licking their butt, etc, nothing beats the disgusting practice of eating poop. There is a scientific … Read more

Puppy shots. Are they mandatory, when to get them?

If we are going to live with a dog, vaccines are one of the veterinary actions that we must implement as a preventive routine, whether our partner is a puppy or an adult. Regardless of whether you live inside or outside the home. There are ignorance and mistrust around vaccines, which leads to losing sight of … Read more

Most expensive dog breeds

Surely you have ever seen the largest dog in the world, or the smallest, either in photo, video or through the Guinness Book of Records. But in addition to their size, character or obedience … some dogs also become famous for their peculiar price. So which is the Most expensive dog breeds in the world? Most … Read more

Can dogs drink milk?

It is very curious to observe the very contradictory opinions that are obtained when looking for information on whether a dog drinks milk. Some indicate that they can not only drink milk but that it is also recommended, while others indicate that it is not a good idea. The truth is that they are all a bit … Read more

How much food should my dog eat?

One of the first questions that come to mind when having a dog is: How much food should my dog eat? It is a very obvious question with an answer that is not so obvious since it depends on many different factors. If you spend a few minutes with us, you will learn how to calculate … Read more

Symptoms of diabetes in dogs

Dogs and humans are much more alike than we usually think. And unfortunately, that means that we also share some diseases, such as diabetes mellitus, both type 1 and type 2. This disease is characterized by elevated blood glucose levels. Next, we are going to detail what symptoms of diabetes in dogs should make us suspect … Read more

Symptoms of cancer in dogs

Cancer is a disease that affects numerous dogs each year, becoming one of the leading causes of canine death today. There are many types of cancer, and not all of them are life-threatening. As their name indicates, they will all be malignant tumors, so it is important to know how to detect them and start appropriate treatment. The symptoms … Read more

My dog ​​has been bitten. What should I do?

The first response and action in the face of this type of event should be to contact the veterinarian, after agreeing on the situation with the owner of the dog that has bitten ours. It is a very common emergency in veterinary centers and always requires special attention because depending on the severity of the attack, you … Read more

How to clean a dog’s ears

One of the most sensitive and prone to getting dirty is our dog’s ears, so we must pay special attention to them to avoid possible otitis. Sure you know several ways to clean a dog’s ears, but … Which is the correct way or which is totally discouraged? We must avoid damaging the inner ear of our … Read more

Tips to protect your dog from the cold

We often make the mistake of thinking that dogs already have enough coats in their coat to withstand the low temperatures of winter. However, although some breeds such as the Siberian Husky, the Alaskan Malamute, the Samoyed, or the Chow Chow tolerate the cold better, all dogs appreciate sheltering from it. Regardless of the breed of your … Read more