Protecting your dog from mosquitoes is essential because a simple sting can transmit serious infectious diseases such as heartworm. Especially in summer, it is crucial to protect the dog from mosquitoes because a simple sting can be a severe problem for his health. Insects, in general, are not dangerous, but there is little to joke with mosquitoes, … Read more

Pug Dog

How can there be so much beauty in such a small body? The Pug is a very quiet and affectionate dog , particularly close to those who take care of him. In addition to having a look that bewitches almost everyone, he is a perfect dog for living in small apartments. The Pug is a very special breed of dog. If we were to define … Read more

Newfoundland Dog

The Newfoundland is a beautiful, large, yet quiet dog . It is normally black in color although there are brown and white versions with black spots. He is genuinely loving and protective of the people he loves and is very patient with children. The Newfoundland dog in addition to being cute is an excellent rescue dog , he has saved the lives of many … Read more

Chow Chow Dog

The Chow Chow is perhaps the highest contender for being a plush dog. In some photos it could really mix with a huge wad of cloth. This breed normally has a color between orange and reddish, but there are also black or cream specimens. The most characteristic thing about the Chow Chow is its tongue which has a truly unique color : … Read more

The most beautiful dogs in the world

Page 1 of 17 Premise: all dogs are beautiful Before we start with the long list of the most beautiful dogs, we must first say that this is a personal interpretation, so there is no need to be angry if you don’t see your dog included in the list. All dogs are beautiful and full … Read more

Samoyed Dog

he Samoyed is one of the most popular Russian dog breeds in the world. Its white, spongy and dense coat is very popular with dog lovers. In addition, this dog shows a very special and sociable character, perfect for active families and with children or adolescents. If you are thinking of adopting a Samoyed or if you already have one, … Read more

Pomeranian Dog

This dog breed is a walking furball. It is hilarious to see him running as his fur tends to go backward. If you meet a Pomeranian with a completely white coat on a winter’s day, you might mistake him for a snowman. The Pomeranian is renowned for being an extremely affectionate dog as well as being so … Read more