How to talk to your dog?

How to talk to your dog?.The dog can be considered the most beloved pet to humans. With the great awareness that has been made by various animal protection organizations, the maintenance and care of the “best human friend” has now become necessary. Their peaceful nature and very friendly appearance make the dogs to be very … Read more

How to Teach the dog to go to the toilet on the sleeper

Teach the dog to go to the toilet

How to Teach the dog to go to the toilet on the sleeper The fight between dog and sleeper is often exhausting for the owner. You hear stories full of discouragement and resignation: ” my puppy always kills her ” or even ” my dog โ€‹โ€‹eats her sleeper! “. Let’s try to find a definitive solution, revealing all the secrets to teach the dog to do … Read more

How to remove dog and cat hair

How to remove dog and cat hair

How to remove dog and cat hair? You can find them on clothes, car seats, sofas and armchairs, TV and computer screens, floors and furniture. We are talking about hair, the worst nightmare of a pet owner. Especially in the period of changing the suit, so before summer and before winter, the loss becomes massive, and removing dog and … Read more

How To Preparing the dog for a dog show?

How to preparing a dog for a dog showย might seem like a walk, but in reality, there are many aspects to take into account and to take care of, also and above all in order not to stress the animal too much.ย In addition to stringent aesthetic parameters, it is also important to consider behavior since … Read more

Why does my cat have a cough?

Why does my cat have a cough? Coughing is a protective instinct to clear the respiratory tract of corpuscles, mucus, and microbes. Therefore, it is not a disease but rather a symptom, and it is a symptom that often affects cats as well. There can be many causes that trigger it: a little tickle in … Read more



The senior dog , for reasons other than those that puppies or adult dogs may have, need some essential vitamins to continue to lead a healthy existence, hopefully. The safety of our four-legged friend is a priority, which is why we must do everything possible to ensure that he is well and does not have to deal with certain deficiencies. Third age … Read more

Where dog microchip implanted

Where dog microchip implanted

Where dog microchip implanted? The implantation of the microchip for the dog is essential for the safety of the animal. Moreover, the insertion of the microchip (also called transponder ) in the dog is required by law * for the owner and must be done within two months of the animal’s age; for the delay in the fulfillment, very high fines are foreseen, the amount … Read more

Why Dogs Eat Grass And What To Do?

How many times have you wondered why dogs eat grass ? This is a question that dog owners often don’t know how to answer, so we need to clarify and understand how to intervene in these cases. So let’s find out what to do when the dog eats grass . Why the dog eats grass The fact that the dog eats grass in … Read more

How to keep your dog warm in winter

How to keep your dog warm in winter. Better to clear the field of misunderstandings and false myths: contrary to what many think, the hair does not always protect our four-legged friends. There are breeds that better tolerate low temperatures, due to physical conformation and habit, but in general the cold, as well as temperature changes and drafts, … Read more