How to remove ticks from a dog

With spring, walks get longer, parks fill up with new smells, but your dog’s archenemy also returns: the tick. Here’s How to remove ticks from a dog! With spring, ticks return The arrival of summer brings with it many things that your dog was anxiously waiting for. The days get longer and with them the walks, the parks… Continue reading How to remove ticks from a dog

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Why dogs lick their paws

Before looking for a solution, it’s a good idea to understand when and why your dog licks its paws repeatedly. The behavior of a dog licking its paws could be completely normal or hide a more important problem. The act of licking a paw from time to time can be normal. After all, even a dog… Continue reading Why dogs lick their paws

Why do cats blow?

Fear, anger, or mysterious reasonsand ,Why do cats blow? ? Let’s find out why cats blow and how to avoid it! Why do cats blow? The cats are adorable and very soft fur balls, but when blow can do really scared!Anyone who has a cat knows how expressive he can be: he can make you understand exactly what he wants… Continue reading Why do cats blow?

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How to make cat and dog get along

Why choose between purring and wagging tails when you can enjoy both? Here are all the secrets for a happy coexistence between dog and cat! Dog and cat: coexistence (im) possible “You two are like cat and dog ” doesn’t mean anything good. The innate hostility between man’s best friend and the most cuddly feline on earth is even… Continue reading How to make cat and dog get along

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What Are The Best Dog Breeds For Children

All dogs are great, but not all dogs are the same so we have some dog breeds . These animals have been selected over time to help us perform different tasks . Thus, physical and behavioral differences were established according to the races. We must be aware that the selection made to get those dogs that better meet one or other needs (herding,… Continue reading What Are The Best Dog Breeds For Children

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