Here are the mistakes that can endanger your dog’s health

Here are the mistakes that can endanger your dog health. The day lengthens and the temperatures rise, which our four-legged friends feel as much as we do. That’s why LIVING gives you some tips on how to take care of them during the hot months, without putting them at risk. After all, animals never ask … Read more

Labrador Retriever

Accompanied, loved, playful, Labrador Retriever has become among the most beloved and familiar dogs in the US but also in our country. Initially, this dog was used for hunting and finding birds, but later it became a companion dog. This dog is most in demand for its good nature, easy to train, and their intelligence. … Read more

How to train a dog?

How to train a dog “The dog doesn’t come to me when I call him.” “My dog ​​barks so much that the neighbors complain.” “The dog is always thrown at me and my visitors.” In all these cases, dog owners ask angrily, “What can I do?” Perhaps the answer to that question is How to … Read more